Gift a photography package!

Wondering what to gift a special couple on their special day, which is different from flowers & the household items generally exchanged in Indian weddings? Gift them a photography package to cherish their special memories forever! Contact me for pricing details of various packages. Rest assured they’ll get tasteful images from their special occasion for keeps.
Do you want a photography package but are running short of the budget for your wedding? Planning one’s budget for a wedding can be a very stressful deal. The costs always seem to expand and one tends to face a situation where one might have to skip some of the things one really really wants on the special day. Relatives & friends at least in India, tend to gift household appliances and other things that the couple may already have :). Also a lot of couples live in nuclear households now and may already be “settled” that way and may not need those kind of gifts that probably made sense to our parent’s generation. So here’s a great option – a wedding photography package listed in a gift registry.
A gift registry that lets you set up a wedding photography package to help the couple finance their actual needs for their special day is a great option to have in such situations! Photographs are what capture your memories for your entire life, even if the other tangible expenditures in a wedding may not stand the test of time. A gift registry offers friends & family a unique way of giving a personal & relevant gift which the couple would actually cherish. You can share the registry details on your “Wedsite” or anywhere online. If nothing, you can always direct them to my site. They can contribute any amount as per their budget & the combined fund would help finance a photography package that you might be interested in. Contact me if you are interested in setting this up for someone!

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