Packages & FAQ


Long proceeding package

  • One day (upto 8 hours) of photography
  • 450 hi-res, 300 dpi printable images in .jpg format
  • 450 low-res watermarked images for sharing online, again in .jpg format Learn More

Grand proceeding package

  • Three 8 hr days of photography
  • 1150 hi-res, 300 dpi printable images in .jpg format
  • 1150 low-res watermarked images for sharing online, again in .jpg format Learn More

Couple photographs package

  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • 60 hi-res, 300 dpi printable images in .jpg format
  • 60 low-res watermarked images for sharing online, again in .jpg format Learn More

Candid “couple photographs” are done if the couple wants to get clicked away from the chaos of the wedding (before or after it), somewhere where they both are relaxed and in some place they love or doing an activity they enjoy.

Apart from the assignment charges, all clients provide domestic air (and/or) local Travel as applicable, stay & meals for the time duration of the assignment. In case more number of images are needed from a shoot, then I’ll have to work out the pricing. I also provide coffee table style, flat layout albums or a slideshow/video made out of the images, like this one, on request. The images can also be provided loaded on a digital photo frame or an ipad. The charges for these things are separate. All images will come in 1 or more DVD’s (or photo frame/ipad) either hand delivered or couriered whichever is more convenient. The client can do anything they like with the images, except of course using them commercially anywhere.

I will retain the copyright over the images and may use some for promoting myself in my portfolio, to showcase as a sample of my work. I take 100% payment in advance and then block the dates. That helps my creativity as well, since disturbing the wedding families asking them for money at the time I meet, or a little while later when the family is going through an emotional moment is certainly a no-no for me.

Regarding posed photographs, I always ask my clients beforehand if there are some shots they definitely want shot since now would be the time to tell me about that. I also prefer my clients walking me through the ceremonies beforehand so that I know about the events of importance. It helps if someone in the family is “assigned” the responsibility of attending to my queries on the d-day (at times the crowd will listen to a relative rather than an outsider) and the bride/groom would certainly not have the time to address my queries/concerns.

Typically I cover only one side of the activity (either bride or groom) since I work alone .. if both the bride and groom sides need to be covered then I can arrange for another photographer at extra expenditure. If the above is ok with you, then please contact me through the contact form to find out the current pricing of all packages.

The charges for the couple shoot start from INR 40,000/- onwards. The packages can go anywhere from INR 50,000/- to 3,00,000/- depending on the client’s precise requirement. Please contact me to share your exact requirement.

Please check my availability for bookings.

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