Why Priyanka

If you are here, you might have already looked at various photographers & may be wondering how to choose. So here’s a go at what I will bring to the table, if we work together. The emphasis is on together, since more than a client-vendor relationship, our interaction would go on the lines of getting to know each other & our preferences.

I want to capture your special day or moment and tell a vivid story of it through my photographs. To be able to do that would mean knowing what you want out of the memories you want me to capture for you. From my end I would be keeping an eye out for not just documenting your rituals or your special occasion, but also your fun moments, the chaos around you, the emotions running high, the rush to get ready, the relatives or friends who mean most to you, the fun you both will share going through the moments together, the relieved & happy parents who always want you to be happy, the crazy cousins and much more. My work with you starts much before the actual event since that is also a part of how we arrive at the special moment.

Do take a look at my portfolio to understand my style. Take a peek into my camera bag. I use the best there is for this job so as to not compromise on the quality I deliver to you. Read my testimonials.

Are you able to picture yourself, your family & loved ones in a similar tasteful style? If yes, you know I am your wo-man friday as far as photography is concerned.

If you are here to buy fine art created by me, do take a moment to ponder over the same things we see daily and are yet not able to spot them so distinctly. Does the print evoke certain emotions in you? A thought process? If the glance lingers & absorbs as it stays on just a bit longer, what are you waiting for. Own the print and give your walls a personality. I use archival inks which give the prints a proven (in lab conditions) light steadfastness of at least 200 years. The prints are limited edition, and they give you the exclusivity you always want in a possession.

Do you believe that every photographer is the same and at the end of the day, pricing is how you should differentiate between them? If so, I may not be the right photographer for you. Like your wedding dress on your wedding day, your photographer should also be able to make you feel special and cherished.

I’m not trying to book every person who contacts me or sell fine art to every person with a query. I’ll agree to cover your special occasion if I think we make a great team & are excited to work together.

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